Accountability Builder®

Accountability in the workplace is the only surefire way to achieve your company objectives. Our accountability training – based on the New York Bestseller “The Oz Principle” – helps leaders instill a culture of accountability across all levels of the organization. The result is a workplace where employees accept responsibility for their work instead of playing the endless blame game.

Why is Accountability in the workplace important?

Companies that lack a culture of accountability often end up falling into the “victim trap”. When a problem arises, they find some external reason (or person) to blame instead of owning up to what actually went wrong. This prevents them from learning from past mistakes. Meanwhile, the top talent that tends to pick up the loose ends grows more and more frustrated, and it is a matter of time before they decide to chase new opportunities. Between putting out fires and acquiring new talent, there is little time left at the end of the day to focus on the big objectives.

How is this Accountability training structured?

  • Pre-workshop assessment: Determine the current accountability gaps of your workforce
  • Leadership goal setting session: In this goal setting session, your leadership team takes the first step towards accountability by setting Key Results and communicating them to the entire organization
  • Accountability workshop(s): Teams learn the frameworks to take positive accountability. Leaders learn how to empower and motivate their teams to work towards Key Results
  • Accountability Builder® is the solution provided by DOOR in cooperation with Partners in Leadership

What you’ll learn in this Accountability training?

  • A practical framework for promoting positive accountability in your organization
  • Overcome “below the line”™ behavior
  • Create greater awareness, become more aligned, and make specific plan for reaching the organization’s Key Results
  • Apply the “See it, own it, solve it, do it™” accountability tool
  • Improve performance with feedback
  • Develop powerful skill sets for improving performance and achieving results through training, coaching and daily application

What you get?

  • Copy of The New York Times bestselling book The Oz Principle®
  • Accountability Builder® workbook and pocket card training guide
  • Access to PIL tools
  • Practical accountability exercises
  • Pre-workshop assessment

Where is the Accountability Builder® offered?

DOOR Training & Consulting is your global training and coaching provider operating in over 55 countries. Based since 1981 in The Netherlands, our global network of partners of over 900 professionals, our customers, to benefit from local excellence through our tailored training programs delivered by local professionals. Our training solutions are offered in 36 languages and 107 countries. The Accountability Builder® training is offered by the certified DOOR partners.


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