The most effective alternative to micro-management

Most managers think that the only way to ensure the quality of their teams' work is to impose strict deadlines & to control all deliverables. During this Accountability Builder® Masterclass, you will learn the award-winning strategies that empower your team to give you their best without the temptation of micro-managing.


Based on the classic New York Times bestselling book The Oz Principle®, this live online program delivers the same award-winning principles and tools used by top companies worldwide.

Why Do You Need Accountability in Your Workplace?

What if you could free up more time for activities that will actually bring you and the company further? Imagine if you no longer had to waste your time on making sure that others finish their work on time. Instead of constantly putting out fires, you could dedicate your time to focus on your targets - all without a single hour of extra work.

When everyone from the top to the bottom follows through on promises, doesn't blame others for mistakes, and supports others in achieving goals, it creates a healthy and positive work culture. Here are just a few of the benefits your team will experience after implementing the accountability mindset:

  • A company culture that fosters initiative-taking and creativity
  • A focus on shared outcomes instead of checking off tasks on a to-do list
  • A happier team that feels motivated and empowered
  • Feel like you've accomplished something meaningful at the end of your day

Everything You Need to Get Started With Accountability

Companies implement the improving process of accountability within their organizations with our help. Although accountability is a journey that requires involvement of the whole team, you can learn the fundamentals to get started immediately in just 8 hours. In these two half-day sessions, you will learn useful tactics such as:

  • How to set a strategy and gain buy-in from your team
  • Use the Results Pyramid® to leverage your organizational culture to produce key results
  • Create a See It®, Own It®, Solve It®, Do It® mindset for working towards your targets
The Partners in Leadership accountability methodology we learned from DOOR helped us enable the idea that everyone can impact positively our results. The custom approach to each solution and business units across the world is unique and effective. Their practical, yet powerful tools, accelerate change and strengthen our teams. I highly recommend DOOR as a resource and partner that can help you guide a culture of accountability and results to new levels. It has been an extraordinary rewarding experience for me.
Former Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness (Merck KGaA)
Steven D. Masterpolo
Former Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness (Merck KGaA)
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